Build a More
Robust Sales PipelineWith ZinKick,
a B2B Predictive Dialer

Use our human-powered dialer designed for B2B to consistently find and qualify more prospective customers!

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Hit Your Sales Target

The secret (ok, so it really isn’t that secret) to consistently hitting your sales target is developing a rhythm of creating new, qualified opportunities and converting those opportunities to sales at a reliable rate.

We can help you with the first part of the equation - Prospect more effectively and efficiently

Try Smart Calling Instead of Cold Calling

Traditional cold calling typically leads to speaking with your target contacts less than 5% of the time. Let ZinKick handle the mundane 95%, so you can focus on the prospects that answer.

Here is how it works:

  • Upload your prospecting list
  • Record voicemail messages
  • Login and sit back as our team reaches out to your prospects on your behalf:
    • We will transfer your key contacts over to you without the contacts knowing that you didn't initiate the call  
    • We hand deliver your pre-recorded messages to your prospects’ voicemail inboxes when they don't answer  
  • Receive live transfers without the contacts knowing you didn't initiate the call
  • Create opportunities for the qualified prospects
  • Get rich as these opportunities close

Build Your Pipelinewith an Innovative Lead Generation Business

Prospecting and lead generation is more about uncovering existing demand than it is about selling. The key to lead generation is delivering focused messages that your prospects can respond to. You can fill your pipeline by setting up a series of messages that we will deliver to your prospective customers. You can use ZinKick to:

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